Warsaw is part of the PP Project

Right now, it is work in progress. see you sooner or later



This is part of the PP Project

Also, Work In Progress. See you sooner or later


A tender touch over blood soaking wound. It takes a tender touch to expose memories. […]

Act THREE – 07 April

Act three shows a fresh take on the subject, image of future thinking […]

Act TWO – 04 April

land is significance, is sign, is word, is text […]

Act ONE – 31st April

The wounds of Europa: creations of esprit gregaire Mixed with irrational fear Of abstract. What you fear comes upon you. Perpetual Peace […]

PP – The SCAR | Der WUNDE – ALERT studio

PP The SCAR | Der WUNDE Act 1: 31 March | Act 2: 4 April | Act 3: 7 April (Days of Mars are ending, Fool’s days beginneth)

Drawing on any surface is a gesture of destruction as well as an act of vanity, self indulgence, fear, weakness. The waves of the crust of the […]