My hands are sweating. I read in the corner of my eye the image I hold dear. I read it outloud.

Deanxiation is about liberties.
It starts with a mute defrost.
2013.01.29, Ferdinand 12A in Bucharest. Hot teas and some versifications, a couple of friends, no public, no media.

2013.09. Enescu Festival, a dynamic, extrusive, abstract music radiates the circular neoclasical space of the Atheneum foyer with its harmonic patterns, comments on language as a living sound code.

Fear is not the subject of the deanxiation exercise, contrast is, opening towards a speculative space, rhythmical unfolding of arguments.

2014.01, Galateea : a pentatonic transgressive magnetic maniacal oscillation, inside and outside, on one side and on another side, in line with and crossing the horizon.

2014.04 Orizont : bending space with verse