the state of flying or falling, similar to any state a man can pretend to have. standing on a rock or lying dead, he can still travel the universe lightspeed. however, in certain conditions, using all of his power, few can or will try to fly or jump following a vector that might, by accident, or incident, compose with the universe fabric. As a result, that being, may find it-self for an infinitesimal moment in a standing still state. conserving that immobility is most probably impossible, but witnessing the signs of it is thinkable.



year 2002. while in Bochum, North Rhine-Westphalia Germany, after a period of working for bread, I started conceptualising an old dream.

first by drawing on my computer then imprinting some of the sketches in ceramic materials. fire can act upon the print of a dream as a dimension changer. elements unseen, subtle movements transform the ceramic object into being the proof of having spiraled inside another dimension. memory of a movement.

flying dreams were quite frequent during my childhood.

in a nightly space, but not deprived of light. flying with ample gestures, as natural as a bird would. I could feel the air gently resisting to my arms movements, and all manouvers safe like breathing. All organically coherent: born to fly, as any flying entity would have.